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skin health

Microdermabrasion - 30 min $110.00
Look sharper, cleaner and sleeker with this deep cleansing facial. A diamond tip head gently buffs and vacuums away dead skin, dirt and debris allowing a fresher complexion.
Resurfacers - 30 min
Using the most advanced ingredients to give highly effective results that are tailored to your skin concerns. Keeping your skin bright and firm, these Resurfacers never disappoint.

Prices are between $120-$140
Face De-Stress - 60 min $130.00
This facial will deliver your skin much needed antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and stem cells. Revitalise your skin and reveal rapid hydration. Includes a deep cleansing exfoliation, maintenance mask and relaxing massage. This is exactly what your skin needs!
Facial Add-Ons
Hydrabrasion (Water micro) 10 mins $30.00
Centre brow + strays 10 mins $18.00
Scalp massage 20 mins $35.00
Extractions 10-20 min $31.00
Sonophoresis 20 min $70.00
Omnilux Light Therapy treatment 20 min $85.00
Deep Cleanse Facial - 60 min $130.00
Designed for men, this treatment provides ultimate stress
release, intended to create total relaxation. Deep cleansing, using
the Microdermabrasion machine, reduces the appearance of pores and removes impurities.
Followed by a hydration mask and massage on the face, shoulders
and scalp.
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body treatments

Invigorating Salt Scrub - 40 min $103.00
Polish away dead skin cells and increase circulation. Revealing a more hydrated and firm younger skin.
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essential hair removal

full leg wax - from $90.00
back or chest wax - from $50.00
back and chest wax - from $90.00
full body wax (leg, speedoline, back, chest, arm) - from $170.00
neck - $32.00
shoulders and neck - from $45.00
half leg - from $55.00
speedo - $50.00
nose - $25.00
ears - $25.00
ears and nose - $45.00
centre brow and strays - $25.00
IPL Consultation
IPL - free consultation

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finishing touches

Hand Care - 30 min $40.00
A clip, file, cuticle tidy and buff. A nice quick treatment to make sure your hands are presentable when shaking hands with colleagues, clients and friends
Foot Treatment - 30 min $40.00
Keep your feet tidy with a trim, shape, cuticles and buff
Callus Foot Peel - 30 min $68.00
You can see the difference! This treatment includes a skin softening patch to soften skin followed by a special scraper used to remove dead skin callus. Soothing moisturiser to finish. Includes, nail tidy and buff.
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