HUTWOODS -Luxury Silver Candle - 350g

HUTWOODS -Luxury Silver Candle - 350g


100% natural soy wax in all our candles with eco-friendly wood wicks. These make a relaxing, soft crackling sound when they burn, reminiscent of a log fire, as well as offering a longer and cleaner burn. Our luxury silver candles offer a burn time of 80+ hours (350g).

Available in 2 scents

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Thyme & Olive Leaf

This uplifting fragrance marks the beginning of a new journey. A unique blend of fresh olive leaf, lemon thyme and bergamot is combined with subtle notes of musk and amber. Follow your instincts and everything else will fall into place.

Vanilla & Oakmoss

This intriguing fragrance will capture your imagination. Fresh vanilla and oakmoss is balanced with the earthy notes of bamboo, cardamom and sandalwood. It’s time to embrace the inner explorer and let your curious mind plan the next adventure.