The Importance of Home Care


By Sarah Jefferson*

Why Home care?

If you’re feeling unwell, you see the Dr, and they prescribe medicine. If you have a toothache you visit the dentist and they will advise you on lifestyle changes you need to make for healthier teeth. If you have a fitness goal you go and see a personal trainer at the gym who recommends an eating and exercise plan to keep up at home.

Home care for your skin is much the same. You cannot go to the gym once  a week, but eat takeaways for every meal and expect to get fit and healthy. In the same way we cannot expect our skin concerns to be treated unless we are having regular treatments, and we are doing the correct things for our skin at home, as it’s what we do every day that will impact on our skin the most.

Not all home care involves selling you something

Home care is not always about you needing a product or ingredient. Skin therapists work holistically, to find the root cause of a problem, so as to  treat the concern, not the symptoms. Changing habits and lifestyles that are damaging to the skin are top of the list.

Home care products

Investing in your skin is like investing your money. You expect to see a return in a period of time, maybe not straight away, but you know the pay off will be worth it. When your Therapist recommends a product to you, she is actually recommending an active ingredient that she can see your skin needs. Salon skin care is always more expensive because it contains scientifically researched and refined ingredients that have an active effect on the skin. ‘Active’ meaning they actually do something. So yes, they may cost more, but if they work, then in the long run they cost less than the cheap products which are potentially damaging your skin and not doing anything to benefit you.

Not all home care products are created equal

Efficacy means the ‘ability to produce a desired or intended result’ and the efficacy of skin products is crutial. From an outside perspective it is very difficult to compare and to make matters more challenging, products do not always do what they say they do. This is where products that are trialed by us, where we’ve seen proven results, are what we recommend and prescribe on a case-by-case basis.

*Sarah, who has been with us 4 years,  is an experienced Therapist who's specialism is cosmeceutical skincare and in-depth skin knowledge. We're delighted she has returned after adding to her family. She is also our Instagram queen.